Conspiracy Against Penn State By Freeh And Kelly (Most fascinating indeed.)

1. Information was obtained concerning the 2001 incident.

2. 2001 information was falsified and called evidence by Freeh investigators.

3. Allegations were made against Penn State. Charges by Kelly were based on information that came from Freeh that was false.

4.  Testimonies were coached. The person claiming to be the victim of the 2001 incident had to be coached. (Was coached.)

5. The incident concerning the janitor in the year 2000 was planned, in order to deceive the janitor. The testimony of the janitor was gathered. The prosecution knew the janitors testimony was false. They also knew the other witnesses were coached. They attempted to coach McQueary. To some degree they did.

6. The plan was to fabricate false witness and to fabricate false evidence to accuse Penn State of covering up information on sexual abuse cases at the school.

7. The conspiracy began before the Freeh investigation but Freeh investigators had to have been able to validate the actual incident where they got the 2001 information from. Which would have proved Sandusky was not involved. (This proves, that there is no doubt, that Freeh and Kelly conspired, together.)

8.  The conspiracy began with falsely accusing Sandusky at the Alamo bowl. The child involved was coached.

*Freeh and Kelly were co-conspirators.

Sources-  Don Robbins (Eye witness to the actual 2001 shower room incident.) – Research-

If the 2001 evidence was falsified by the Freeh investigators, during or before the Grand jury investigation, then we know the allegations against Penn State covering up information about Jerry Sandusky, were planned.

Then we know that the 2000 incident, where the janitor saw the (fake) Sandusky acting in the shower room with the actor, was also planned; (then we know that they planned it all.) And that means: CONSPIRACY.

If you didn’t know about the 2000 incident; where the janitor claimed he was frightened about the possibility of losing his job, if he reported what he thought he saw in the shower room; He was told it was  Sandusky licking the crotch area of what appeared to be a ten or eleven year old boy. (That was actually a planned act to deceive the janitor ).

Earlier; the janitor was told that the man he saw in another building, was Sandusky. But it wasn’t. (They knew it wasn’t.) Those people were conspirators with Kelly and Freeh. They were associated with Freeh. I would imagine that they had something to do with obtaining the 2001 information. The question is; where the 2001 information came from in the first place? I say it came from the logbook Paterno kept in the other office and it was probably in his house when they got the information from it.