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Economic advise. European Central Bank.

Read It Carefully. European Central Bank – Planning Community Investments. Don Robbins- Economics


European Central Bank. System. Not American model of Central Bank Reserve. Euro zone.
Euro state clones. Just want to get out and go home.

Price controls do not work. The roller-coaster ride of economic start-gain-deflate-stabilize-market share-investment-regulation- incentive; is still better left to decision making on the part of the consumers (that’s all of us) and the investors that gamble with their own fortunes.
Major investment strategies should be left to community planning committees in response to market opportunities. They have to be understood. (The opportunities.)
It is feasible to back investment at mid level with bonds. Usually government backed. This leads to investor interest.
Return on investment from taxpayers is a stake in planning and community development. That comes with growth and job creation. Improvements usually accompany the initial bond investment.

Other than the boom and bust cycles of the oil and natural gas industry, it is better to review positives in community development – rather TULSA than Oklahoma City as far as good examples of how recovery can work, coming out of economic recession. Tulsa was actually the leader in adapting to market ups and downs. Recession was more devastating to the overall economy, with respect to growth and investment verses failure, than was OKC.
If you study the wrong market opportunities you will make the wrong decisions in investments.

You can keep the common currency but you need to decentralize the ECB. Ten zones with expectations to back investments at the planning stages in municipalities.
Start there with real market facts. Invest in existing strengths. Make determinations on weakness and strengths within the zone. Take into consideration, infrastructure and available capitol resources.


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In national terms we believe that GOD has  a purpose for us in his plan as a people. And when we lose sight of that plan and purpose, a plan needs to be RE -ESTABLISHED. The covenant needs to be RE-ESTABLISHED and as our agreement to uphold the covenant needs to be translated into action through our…

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