Review On “Endeavour” PBS- BBC show. Link to Views. by Don Robbins



Like “Vera” the PBS- BBC production of “Endeavour” became my favorite show to watch. I put it at even with “The Blacklist” and “Orphan Black.” And like Vera you can watch the first two seasons free on PRIME. The third season is in production, as far as I can tell. It will probably be for charges, though. The way that super hit shows go, it’s like 2.99 an episode. Endeavour would be well worth that! If I had a choice between Endeavour and Sherlock Holmes I would probably pick Endeavour.  


Masterpiece Mystery: Endeavour This is the Pilot episode. 

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Season 1&2 of “Endeavour”

Masterpiece: Endeavour, Season One   Episodes: 1.Girl- 2.Fugue- 3.Rocket- 4.Home 

Endeavour Season 2  Episodes:  1.Trove- 2.Nocturne- 3.Sway- 4.Neverland

The pilot is a introduction to the character : Shaun Evans plays Inspector Morse who is a graduate of an Ivy Leauge school. His role as a learning inspector under the tutelage of a inspiring seasoned detective in Inspector  Fred Thursday (played by Roger Allum) is a brilliant work in acting. The overall series is superb.

    I highly reccomend this show to fans of detective mysteries. This is the show that has no equal. *Except for maybe “Sherlock.”


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