Find Topic Articles On My Blogs- WordPress and Typepad links. Use Archives for studies.


Things on my Typepad blog:  Truths about how Jimmy Hoffa died. I was with him when he died. What happened in Hosston, Louisiana before he died. What was happening. You’ll have to search archives. Including the Rodney Alcala connection to Hosston killings. There are descriptive maps that show general locations of events that happened.

There are posts on Penn State cases. How Sandusky was framed. And posts on WordPress under This blog. DonRobbins7@Wordpress.com.  Also check archives. I was an eye witness to the imposter posing as Sandusky. I knew he was framed. Explains false reports by Freeh and Grand Jury false testimony and accusations. Covers the false reports and evidence left out or covered by the prosecutors. Proves Sandusky and officials were and are innocent.

Artworks. Product designs. Clothing, posters, cards, Stickers, more to come from Accountopen, that’s my online store. Links to check it out. Flash panel on side posts to view products. No obligation.

Articles on topics that interest me. Link to Pinterest. Share buttons. Ads on Xara software link to purchase. I use Xara. Would like to have Designer Pro 11 if I can ever afford it.

Politics. Personal opinion. Conceptual arts.  Events.

My reply to Steve Finnell about Romans: When you resurrected, walk into heaven. It’s not complicated. Accepting the New Covenant is mostly what you will need to do at the time. Jesus is there waiting for you, in heaven. He will take us into the new heaven. Are You Prepared To Be a Counselor in The After Life?

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