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“Setting There”- Poem- Picture of Hillary/Lamp/Flower for “Cat.” New C Blog DRR.

It didn’t mean anything, just setting there

Propped up inside of a drawer in front of the desk

Lampshade is a reusable shopping bag

Holes cut into it taped over the light bulb

Christmas lights where the old shade was

It doesn’t mean anything

Tied a dow rod around the socket above the base that is made of wooden slats, curved to a shape

Looks like 1960

When he had it – the thing looked OK

Just like me to paint it up and crap it out real good

But until I did, it just sat there on the table I never finished

Never used it

Now I use it every day

It feels comfortable, like it belongs

That’s all there is to it, you know


Or you just set there.