“Memorial Day” Blog New C 2

Memorial Day


Memorial to the soldiers who have served

To those who have fallen in battle

And those who lost their lives in service

For POW’s herded like cattle

To the lost. Never found but never forgotten

Memorial to the people who were injured

To those who suffered through tribulations

For heroes never cured

Never giving up the fight

Never giving up on the right

To be free

Fight on into the night.


New C Blog by Don Robbins

Never Mind the Time


Well, I tried the store on WordPress service. It’s called Shopify. Great idea but I just couldn’t get it to cooperate. I’ll try again sometime. I’m using Google + now as my only report format.

This is the easiest way to capitalize on services that allow links to websites. Having a completely expandable service based on Blogger but expanded to accommodate store displays like a regular website without the hassles. That’s what I hoped Blogger would develop into, but not yet.

Blogger shuts down too much for no reason and it’s unpredictable and susceptible to interference.

I use links and widgets. Ads are cool too if you get paid. Selling stuff and Blogger don’t quite mix.

Why even have a blog? You can just file it from the editor into a personal file. Send it where you want. Download file at…..

File sharing is way beyond my range of expertise.

Insert pic :

This design was a bit out of line. I fixed it but lost the files somehow.

I’ll insert a link here to the page New C Designs so you can see items to view.

http://www.redbubble.com/people/newc-designs/shop   Use this link and select picture to view items or artworks.

The most popular is the surfing Hamster called Action Rider. He rides stuff, has a      motorcycle and has character friends. Skull V 1 is under water and Zombie Lips. Usually red but blue in this work.

I’ll get a copy from the store.

I don’t keep a lot of artworks in the design shop because it just gets cluttered up. I place new designs every few days. Or until I sell something.

Action Rider characters have evolved over a period of time, since 2012.

Now, this is what I’m thinking. I’ll add these pages to free reader at Kindle and let people read and share. But I still need a file sharing service so people can read my blog from a link.

Let’s see what I can find… I found that I think that file sharing is the future of blogging. Just how to do it is another matter.

It’s easy to share reader books but a service that can package extended blog posts with active links? And widgets. That’s the key to future blogging.

I wander if live links work on e-reader books?

“Let’s ask Miss Patton on YouTube!” (Just kidding!) She probably knows though. Ha! Ha!

This is fun!

Time for a recipe! ***** I was cooking up some dessert just a while ago and invented a way to make discount Peach Cobbler. Like cheating the system. I just emptied the peaches into a pan- added fresh bread, like biscuits- and put grape jelly on top of the biscuits. No cooking! Tastes great! Try it.

Here’s a tip on making the bread. Use biscuit mix. Add one third cup flour. Add quarter cup oil. And water until you have a thick batter. This bread mix works well and won’t get too soggy in the peach juice. No cooking.


I saw a few movies this week end. Here’s a couple of reviews for you. On the “Fifth Wave”

It wasn’t a bad movie for kids. The other section on the job applications never got me an interview, or a job. The “others” is always a code word for identify without the enemy. Anyway, if your 55 + and a man, don’t watch this movie. Watch “In Treatment” first season.

A secret of life- if you like strawberry ice cream when your sixteen, you will probably like it when your 60. (The poor guy!)

Another movie I watched was “Risen”

Risen is about a Roman soldier who witnessed the miracle of Jesus being alive after the crucifixion. Pretty good religious movie. The Jesus character is called Yashuah. I don’t know about the spelling. It’s not exactly like other movies about Jesus. Interesting though. And good story telling.

I got free movies by trading in my points for Microsoft card. The store has movies to rent.

I also WON! WON! WON! On the sweepstakes prize contest. I’m entered to win an iPhone bracelet. It registers your heart rate! And I can really use that.


Here’s another picture: This is a picture of a cow I drew.

So now I’m going to try and share this.