Look! Trudeau ( ASSending ) the Staircase *Like Qualme- Rappin

Look! Trudeau ( ASSending ) the Staircase *Like Qualme- Rappin Global Warming- Hypocrite


The Liberal leader in Canada, Trudeau, calls foe expansion of oil sands destruction and environmental poisoning by limiting green house effects. What?

It’s OK to completely destroy land, poison water, kill wildlife, pollute American soil, but watch the green house farting gas? As the poison waters make their way from the Alberta oil sands runoff to the water supplies in America, (North Dakota and the Missouri River) it’s the green house gases that need to be monitored?

Sounds like the liberals in Washington have found an ally in the leader of the Canadians.

Not a good neighbor to Americans. Not a protector of the environment. Not a conservationist for future generations. But make a statement about the green house gasses and trick people into thinking that he cares about anything but making more money for the investors in the destruction of oil sands. Pipe more of it across Canada with the approval of a new pipeline. Pipe more of the toxic sludge into America with yet, another pipeline into Wisconsin. And another extension of the XL. More production. More toxins. More pollution. More killings. More poison water for Canadians and Americans.

Liberal politics.

Trump should end his investment in the loser Dakota Access Canadian oil sands Pipeline and invest in West Texas crude. American oil is just better than oil sands toxic oil from Alberta.  The Alberta oil sands need to be shut down.

Regulations against the Canadian government gaining access to American lands to transport their poison oil should be drawn up before Trudeau pimps more of it out to America. The Dakota Access Pipeline will be used tp transport the Canadian oil. It will eventually be used as an excuse to cover up poison seeping into our waters from the Alberta site, from the containment ponds that are leaking continually into the water there.

Eventually, those poison waters will reach the American border in North Dakota. As far as I’m concerned it already has. I believe the governments know it and they covered the truth up by saying the poison in the lake in North Dakota was from the pipeline in Dakota. But the actual chemicals found in the water was from Alberta. If that is true, Dakota and America gas a more serious problem than just the DAPL.

Think about it. Stop the DAPL. And more importantly, STOP OIL SANDS POISON.

Invest in West Texas oil. Stop the poisoning of the water from Alberta oil sands. !!!!!!!!

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