Tweets From Don Robbins- Picture


This artwork is from the Action Rider! series. It is a picture of Skull V-1, who is a Vampire/Zombie Skull that was brought to life in a laboratory by evil rabbit scientist in Action Rider! “The Beginning”. Skull V-1 has a gravity defying cloak he wears to go outside and chase Action Rider! around. The little hamster looking character in the picture above Skull’s head is Action Rider! Action Rider! escaped the laboratory and Skull V-1 with Vampire Lips was sent to bring him back. Vampire Lips is also Vampire and Zombie at the same time.  (They both have bad breath) according to Action Rider!

I have written two books about Action Rider! with artworks. They are sold on Amazon. I rested for Christmas but I’m starting new artworks for my third book on Action Rider!, soon.  You can copy this picture if you want to to make a poster. It is obvious that Skull V-1 is not Pro Life.  When it comes to Action Rider! anyway, or the other poor lab animals that are prisoners of the evil rabbit scientist in his secret experimental laboratory. Action Rider! plans a rescue in the second book.


This picture is from Action Rider! Wanted. It shows Vampire Lips with a rocket helmet and Skull V-1.accchy6