” The Shot In The Dark Theory” by Don Robbins – The Death of Big Bang Theory

A New Theory Replaces  The Big Bang Theory As The Beginning of the Universe ” The Shot In The Dark Theory” by Don Robbins

Big Bang Theory is invalidated (proven incorrect) by the EMF work. Although the mainstream kept claiming the Big Bang theory was correct and that the work in the EMF validated Big Bang. Hawking claimed that EMF validated Big Bang. I doubted his findings, that he had made, using the work I produced in the EMF. The original proof project with respect to the EMF validation was supposedly done at Harvard University. After  the EMF Theory was proven with new discoveries in math, and the particle acceleration findings to back up the theory, that was enough to substantiate the EMF as true. Hawking was put in charge of the important EMF theory validation. After he had control of the EMF work he claimed that EMF validated, proved, that Big Bang was correct. In reality my work did just the opposite, it invalidated Big Bang. The actual EMF validation and math proof proved that Big Bang was not true. 

Up until this time, the Big Bang theory has been taught as mainstream physics. Now, the more realistic, more feasible, theory of “Shot In The Dark’ can be explained as the true origin of magnetism, therefor explaining  the relation between particle acceleration and black hole in association with origins of magnetism. A shot in the dark.

Although EMF and Origin of Magnetism both point to particle acceleration in black hole being the true origin of magnetism, in this universe, it still needs to be substantiated officially.

The X = Y straight line particle acceleration factor in math proof, with respect to the EMF findings, substantiate Origin of Magnetism as straight line particle acceleration in black hole. Further, it is my belief tat magnetism is directly linked to the production of energy in acceleration of the alpha particle.

Right now it is important to know that both findings in EMF and Origin of Magnetism prove the “Shot In The Dark Theory” and disprove the Big Bang theory as the origin of magnetism.

Knowing that Big Bang cannot be the origin of magnetism and while substantiating EMF and proving the origin of magnetism as an effect of straight line particle acceleration, with respect to X=Y in particle acceleration, the overall assumption is that particle acceleration occurred within black hole, creating energy as an effect in straight line, as the points remained constant in energy value. X=Y. Thus, the XY factor in straight line particle acceleration.

Infinity came with alpha particle in black hole, accelerating. All other action reaction behind alpha particle in continual expansion.

A Shot In The Dark. EMF validation. Origin of Magnetism.

Don Robbins.


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