Typecast Mentally Ill As Problem After The Shooting- Again

After the shooting in Texas today, the same speech is given concerning the control of the mentally ill and assault weapons. Suggestions that mentally ill can be kept from having guns and that will make other Americans feel safer. But ridiculous. The mentally ill were thrown under the bus again on the Texas shooting. The truth is that no one even knows if the boy was mentally ill. Bringing up the mentally ill issue is just another cheap shot by politicians trying to impose a false sense of security. Shame.

The fact is, that, the boy involved in the shooting was a student. He didn’t own the weapons his father did. The media tried to portray him as a crazy person with an AR-15 rifle.

The premeditated speech, to use fear mongering towards the mentally ill, giving the public a false sense of security is getting to be a routine. It’s the same suggestions every time there is a shooting with a promise to do something about the people getting guns who don’t need them. (Mentally ill.)

It’s dump on the mentally ill first and never get to the real problem. Like the politicians want people to be satisfied with the statement to promise to do something about the mentally ill. As a suggestion that they are the danger with assault rifles. To impress on the public that measures are being taken to make them safe/safer.

This time, the professional police officer talking to the reporter suggested that there had been a rash of shooting by mentally ill persons who have assaulted police officers with possible AR-15’s.  Absolute discriminating against a specific group of people.

“Don’t worry public, your safe.” “We’ll get them mentally ill people causing problems with assault weapons!” As suggested by the concerned officer talking to the concerned reporter. But not concerned enough to talk about truth.

Quit passing the buck on the mentally ill every time there is a shooting.