NewC T Shirts – Pics- Link to shop/share-

Not a real treasure map.  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DH48NNJ?_encoding=UTF8&customId=B0752XJX85 NewC T Shirt .

Abstract. Custom fit lightweight T’s. Sent (shipping) by Amazon.

I used layers with brush strokes. Text and graphic design to get the effect. Background is transparent. The artwork represents a map in abstract form.

I like the water and colors effect. The print quality is highest. This work would

probably be thought of as more of an impression than abstract but I used patterns in

the layers to get the balance I was looking for. The transparent background gives different effects for each shirt color.

The shirt comes in Men-Women- Children sizes and styles. I hope you like it.

Get a close up of the print on the shirt by using the pointer to hover over the front of the shirt on the site. The HD picture is worth the visit.

Have a great night! If you like this T Shirt share it with friends! Thanks!