Hosston Killings 1975- Alcala Pictures House- Events- Maps- Descriptions- Hoffa- FBl

Following is a basic account of what happened  south of Hosston in the first week of 1975. It’s a true horror story. Where over two hundred and fifty people died over a three day period. This account covers exactly where Jimmy Hoffa died, during the ordeeral. FBI agents murdering people, including children. Rodney Alcala and men with him murdering people and taking pictures of some of the victims. (Including me before I escaped.) Get ready, it’s a long hard ride …….

 The House Where People Were Taken To.  Rodney Alcala the Serial Killer.

   The serial killer Rodney Alcala and several men he was with, killed people inside a house. He used the blue sheet as a backdrop when he took pictures of captives in the house. I was one of the captives.

Me. 1975. Location of the house is unknown, but probably known by FBI agents.

Notice the blue sheet. Used by Rodney Alcala in the house to take pictures of people he placed in front of it.  

The young man in the picture with the long light brown straight hair (next picture) was there in the same room with me when Alcala and other men murdered the person you see in the picture with pig tails. Most of the people murdered were killed outside of a town in Louisiana called Hosston. It was a small town then and still is. (Maps below.)

   This link is to a video containing pictures police said that Alcala took of people. The pictures were found in a storage room that Alcala rented in California. He fancied himself as a photographer. Rodney Acala video- Pictures he took.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Hs7zNDMzDU New York police also released photos.

        The pictures here are from pictures released by a California police department. 



Gay man Not a woman. Killed in barn area in back of a farm house south of Hosston near Red River.

As I studied the pictures of the victims I recognized and gained more memories about the incident in 1975 I realized that there was a common denominator in the killings there in the Hosston, Louisiana area. Hosston is south of Texarkana.  See Texarkana.

I ultimately believed that people were killed, murdered, by Alcala and other men, including the FBI agents, there, because they were gay, lesbian, hermaphrodite, cross dressers, and the like that were targeted and executed by the men. 

I didn’t know if I was identified as one of those people and set up to be abducted and killed with the others in Hosston, but it seemed that way. 

How It Started

    I was working, chopping cotton in a field south of Hosston when the ordeal began. As far as I know and I am pretty certain this picture shows the location of the cotton farmers house, south of Hosston, east of 71 road. 71 road is a two lane road. 

The cotton patch was just east of the house shown on the map. It was a Friday morning when we arrived in Hosston from Waco Texas. We came to cut weeds out of the patch to help save the crop because it was dry weather. It’s called chopping the cotton. Hard, hot, work.

While I was checking the patch before we started chopping, I saw something. I went to see what it was and there was a dead woman. Partially clothed. She had been shot. 

Thinking we were being watched and knowing the others hadn’t seen anything, I told them to go get water at the house and act like they turned the water can  over so they would have an excuse to get out of there. They were going to call the police when they got to the cotton farmers house. I waited.

I don’t remember how killers got me but I remember winding up in a house with mostly women. The house where the pictures were taken with me in front of the blue sheet.   

 I don’t know where the house was. The pictures you see here were taken in the same house. Both of these people were in the house with me. The person with the long light brown hair is I think a young man but is mistaken to be a woman. That person was taken with me from the house where those pictures were taken. We were headed back to Hosston. 

We were placed in a car at night after being drugged.

 I was taken back to Hosston, to a place near the cotton patch. It was a barn, north of the cotton patch. Several people died there. There are details of the what happened in the barn there by the cotton patch as you read along. 

 The man I described with long, light brown hair, was taken to a farm house near the Red River. On the west side of the river, south of Hosston. The house set about 3/4 of a  mile down from the bridge that crossed the river going out of Hosston as you were traveling east on road 2. There are maps and other pictures I’ve shown before. 

There is a picture of me setting in front of the blue sheet. There is a map below where you can see  the location of where Hoffa and the four FBI agent killers died. I was there when Hoffa and the agents and about twenty other of the killers died. As you can tell, I didn’t die.

This horror was covered up by the police and FBI.  No other people or officials who knew what actually happened, or the reason, ever came forth to tell the story to the American People.  Dolph Briscoe /Dolph_Briscoe was the Governor of Texas in 1975. Edwards was the governor of Louisiana in 1975. I doubt that they didn’t know what happened. 

What I Believe The Reason For The Killing Was

   It is my belief that others knew and took part in the cover up of the killing of hundreds of gay people and people of difference who were targeted by authorities in the state and federal governments and taken and killed. 

The person who was murdered by Alcala shown in the picture in the pig tails in the bikini I think may have been a hermaphrodite. Possibly being the reason the individual was murdered there in that house by Alcala. 

As the killing in that room took place you could hear screaming from where we set, Alcala came out of the room and walked through the room that several people and I was setting in.  

 One person who thought we were there to take pictures, (as models I guess), asked Alcala if they were going to kill us. He said, “yes, we are going to kill you.” And then he walked out of the room. 

Other men came and made us pick up the body and take it and put it into the trunk of a car outside of the house. After that we were drugged and taken to Hosston. I never saw Alcala after that point, again. 

There were other people that could be recognized as gay or having long hair like the man you see here. One woman who was murdered in the cotton patch, was wearing heavy denim jeans, cold weather boots, and a heavy flannel shirt. It was checkered. Possibly lesbian.

 The FBI agent who came to the cotton patch with Hoffa dragged her, kicking and screaming, across the field and then shot her dead. Hoffa watched. Afterwards, Hoffa and the agent walked north from the cotton patch into another property where a steel barn was setting. That was the place that I was taken first,  after I came from the house. There were people were murdered inside the steel barn north of the cotton patch.

 I escaped. but I was caught again by the killers and then taken to the house by the river. And to the barn where I saw the young man in the picture again. 

The House By The Red River

As we set there in the barn by the river, held at gun point, a man came out and was mocking a preacher like he was giving a holy ghost sermon. After that he said it was then time for us to die. Inside the barn you could see there were several dead people who were naked hanging from the walls of the barn and from rafters, some were hung, others were apparently hung on some type of hay hooks. There was a lot of blood on the walls and on the carpet the covered the walls in the loft. 

    You can see the loft from some of the pictures but I never saw a body in any of the pictures. Then they took us outside. They took me to the river southeast of the house. Ultimately, there were at least twenty five people dead outside of the barn and up to fifteen, I would say, inside, that had been killed. 

 At the river I was tied up and two killers murdered a young lady in front of me. After certain events I escaped and was captured again. I was taken inside the farm house. I recognize some things from the pictures from inside the house. After that there was another struggle between me and a man and I managed to get a gun and run out of the house. I went past the barn and ran into a stand of trees going west, from the barn.

Close  to the road that went across the river there was a dirt road below the blacktop. I was hidden in a clump of bushes close to that area. It was getting dark. The men in the barn and house tried to surround me. 

  The sheriff of Vivian had called in more men to hunt me down and kill me. They all had guns. Mostly high powered rifles. Including a 306. And a 30/30 carbine with a full clip. I wound up with both and a pistol. None of the men who came to kill me walked out of those woods. I escaped again. Made my way back to the cotton patch after checking the house for a phone.

Then, as I was walking towards the cotton farmers house, Hoffa and the FBI agent came down the dirt road to the cotton patch. I hid. 

Before that I ran into the other FBI agent at the steel barn. He was going to kill a woman who had been brain damaged and drugged standing outside of the barn. She had been standing there mostly all night. 

After Hoffa and the FBI agent walked up to the steel barn from the cotton patch they saw the woman still standing there. Then they saw me. They shot at me and then ran after me, trying to kill me. 

Where Jimmy Hoffa Died

  Hoffa died north of the two hundred bodies that were killed before.The bodies were laid out in the field. There was a depression that looked like it was dug some time before. Some grass had grown up on the slope. Most of the bodies were above the place that had been dug out, like they were going to push them down into the lower part and then cover them with dirt. One of the girls that Alcala had in the house was dead there. I recognized her from the pictures. Another person of difference.

Why Did They Want To Kill Them?

Why did the government want to kill those people and never tell the truth about it? That question has haunted me since the minute I realized what happened there.  For fifteen years I’ve wanted to know why. I just wanted to know why all of those people had to be killed like that by men associated with authorities and the FBI. I finally came to the conclusion that they were killed because they were different. Like gay people. I never thought of myself as gay. 

I didn’t know if that was the reason I was taken with them or weather they wanted to kill me because I was just a witness. 

After Hoffa and the FBI agent he was with, died, I made it to the sharecroppers house. He called the sheriff of Texarkana. The sheriff called the deputy who worked in Vivian. The sheriff of Vivian never came, only the deputy. (I believe that very deputy was murdered in Texarkana in 1978 while on duty. It was called an auto accident.) See Evan Tanner kidnapping details.  

Several FBI agents came after that. I would say about ten in all. Their boss was a man who looked like the agent that was identified as Deep Throat.  I recognized him from TV. Louis Freeh was a rookie that year and I’m pretty sure he was also there. None of the authorities who knew about the killings ever said anything about them. As if they were all sworn to secrecy. Killing lesbians and gay people was their secret.

I wanted people to know what happened that was never talked about in the police or FBI. 

I wanted to know why it did happen. I realized that in those cases I had no rights. No considerations for me by any law. Just get rid of me. Shut me up and they did. With drugs. The only indication on the whole thing, hundreds of people and women and children murdered by our government, was a report from when I was asked to talk to the FBI in Tulsa, the week after it happened. 

 There was a report from Vivian where several people were found in what the authorities and FBI lied about that they said was probably a cult slaying. The FBI agent was there but they didn’t know why. That’s all that was said. That was in Vivian not Hosston. That was 11 bodies not two hundred and fifty. 


This is a person that Rodney Alcala and some other men with him, killed in the house. We set in the room next to the room where they killed this person. We were held at gun point. Some of us were beaten. Picture was probably taken by Alcala. I believe the people were killed there because they were different. 


Originally, I thought this person was a woman but now I believe the person was actually a man. In the house where Rodney Alcala killed people in 1975. Was transported to Hosston with me in a car. 

This map shows the location of the places where people were murdered. The location where Hoffa died was north of the place where two hundred people were laid out in a field after they were shot dead. All were recent killings. 

Account of How Evan Tanner and I escaped the Killers House

This is Evan Tanner at age nine in the house where the killers held people captive in 1975. It’s the same house where Evan Tanner was held captive and tortured in , in 1978. I was also taken to the house again in 1978. Tanner and I escaped together. 
This picture shows what looks like the mantle in the room where the killers took Evan Tanner and me into, to tell us they were going to kill us.

The girl (from 1975) with the pig tails is in the same room as the girl standing in front of the mantle. It looks like it might be a fireplace mantle but I think it was just a decoration, if it is the same one I remember from 1978. It was in the room that the killers took Evan Tanner and me into when they told us they were going to Kill us. Now, the amazing part!

  Before they took us into the room they left us standing in the front room as they talked in the room with the mantle. I told Tanner to run and jump on the ottoman in front of the mantle and I would pull him by his arm, sort of like a helicopter ride and when he was flying through the air to hit whoever he could. And then I would try to grab a gun before they killed us. 

 The killers called us into the room and for a moment no one said anything. Tanner was standing close to the near side of the mantle and I was standing in front of him. The ottoman  was just behind me and to my right as I faced the killers. One of the killers was standing on the other side of a chair about ten feet away from me and the woman with them was standing in front to of the mantle, nearly in the same place as the woman in the picture. The man setting in thre chair had a rifle. The woman was holding a pistol and the other killer was either unarmed or he might have had a gun but I didn’t see it. 

The man in the chair said something to the woman and she looked towards the man standing beside him next to the chair. About that time I signaled Tanner and he took about two steps, jumped up on the ottoman, (footstool) and leaped through the air! As he was jumping up I grabbed his arm and slung him into the woman! He hit her with such a force she just crumpled onto the floor completely knocked out! Then he, in one single motion, ran over into the man standing by the chair and knocked him to the ground. I had the chance to tackle the man with the rifle! Neither of the other two got up! They were knocked out cold! I got the rifle and knocked the guy out in the chair. It was over, just like that. We got the keys to a car and ran away. I took Tanner to his aunts house. 

The way he did what we planned was incredible. I don’t think any other nine year old kid in the world could hit as hard as he could. I know that he hit that woman and she just fell down and went to sleep! He knocked her out! It was incredible! I know without him The killers would have killed me.

It was evening when we left out of there. We crossed a bridge and I remember it was dark. We traveled all night to get to his aunts house. I only stopped for gas. We got to his aunts house the next morning. I never knew where that house was but I always thought it was somewhere in the state of Louisiana, maybe close to the place where the killings in 1975 took place near Hosston, Louisiana. 

In the picture you can see Tanner in a dress. I thought they made him ear it but now I don’t think they did. I think he was already wearing it when he was taken to the house. It would be horrible to think that people were killed because of something they wore. I began to think that they targeted Tanner because he was wearing a dress. He was labeled by those men and women, to be executed, because he was wearing a dress? I don’t know. I just know that there were a lot of people who were killed seemingly because they were different.     

In this picture you see the two women standing in the barn where people were killed near the Red River. It looks like they are standing in the loft of the barn that was by the house. It is shown on the map. The house and barn are not there anymore. There are other pictures that show the red carpet in the background. Many people, up to 30, were killed in the area of the barn.
I noticed the two standing together as if it was somehow symbolic. As if the killers wanted to say look at this picture, this is what happens to lesbians.
The police in New York labeled the  picture of me as a woman. They asked for anybody who could identify anybody in the pictures to contact them. I did and got toasted with a beam of high energy like the rays of the sun except a hundred times more powerful. I think Evan Tanner was killed by the same people who tried to kill me with the same device. O think they caught him out in the desert and bombed him with those UV rays until he fried.

I’m not gay. This is a picture of me, taken by Rodney Alcala in the house in 1975. You can see the blue sheet was used in several other pictures. This is the original picture. Another one is cropped. If there are other pictures of me that were taken by the killers I haven’t seen them. 

I wander how many pictures were taken of the twenty five killers there are that died there in Hosston. And how many pictures the FBI got of Jimmy Hoffa? The location of where he died is on the map.