Probable Cause of Corona Virus Mutating

   My name is Don Robbins. I have done extensive research on these subjects in the past. I discovered a mutating virus in 1993 and submitted the finding to the government offices. I was working in Princeton New Jersey at the time. The mutating virus was discovered while I was doing independent research in a laboratory that I rented across from the hospital.

   I have a history in research and credentials in the international community.

   When I was younger I figured out how a crystalline molecular virus multiplied by emissions from electric high lines in New Mexico. I called the electric company and told them. They called the lineman and let me talk to him on the phone. I convinced him to shut the power down and the virus stopped spreading.

   The memory of this gave me an idea about Corona virus. I am not in a laboratory to test weather or not Microwaves can cause viruses to mutate. I thought someone who has lab access could do the research to determine if the Microwaves can cause the mutations that cased the virus to become resistant to treatments or medications.

    I believe the microwaves can cause changes or mutations to occur in viruses. If so, that may be the answer to stopping the virus. If it is found it could save the world a huge amount of suffering and economic distress.

    Let’s hope it is as simple as shutting down microwaves in the environment.

Thank you.

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