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Corona Virus Mutation Simulation -Are Microwaves the Cause? Virus Manipulations

  This video explains the theory of mutations caused by microwave radiation in the environment on viruses.

   I believe that Corona virus can be affected by microwaves causing mutations. Microwave radiation can cause mutations in viruses.

    I think there is a strong possibility that microwaves are causing the Corona virus to mutate.

   After more contemplations I reasoned that Corona virus is most likely mutating inside the human body after the Corona virus infects the person in normal ways. I don’t believe that the virus is widespread in the environment. Microwaves can cause the virus to mutate. Mutations can occur within the body if the person is exposed to microwaves. Cell phone towers, cell phones, transmitters, can be causing the mutations.

  Looking at it from a common denominator standpoint. Let’s say, for example, that radiation leaks are the cause of the mutations. It would be easy to check the air for radioactive emissions in many countries, but there is no widespread radiation leaks.

   A simple answer to finding a possible cause with respect to a common denominator would be to note a common source of something that can cause mutations and is present in so many areas at the same time. Microwaves fit the bill. It is also known that more mutations have occurred as more microwaves  were found in the environment. There is a relationship with the increase of the use of microwaves and mutations in viruses. The new information on two Corona virus mutations shows that something is probably causing the mutations in Corona virus strains.

   Normally, mutations are rare but having two mutations in the same type of virus at the same time might be a first. While I was working in a laboratory in Princeton, New Jersey, in 1993, I discovered a mutating virus while working on the discovery of Growth Inhibitors. Growth Inhibitors has to do with  cancer.  The chance discovery of the mutating virus led me to study more about viruses and mutations. I knew that it’s a rare thing. But I also knew that there was an increase after that time period of mutations. There was also a steady increase on resistance to normal medications by more and more viruses. A resistance to antibiotics also increased. The old standby theory that over medicating patients was the main cause of resistance wasn’t proving to be true. But yet, there was still a rise in resistance. Could there be another reason for the increased resistance to viricides and antibiotics?  Could the answer be microwaves affecting viruses and causing mutations? I think it could.

   Seeing the relationship between the rise in microwaves and the rise in mutations in viruses and knowing that microwave radiation can cause mutations I think that is reason enough to conduct experiments to check if the cause of the mutations in Corona virus is caused by microwaves.

   If microwaves cause mutations in viruses such as the Corona viruses, microwaves can cause mutations in other viruses, and as far as I’m concerned, probably already has.

  Note: I strongly believed that my work in inventory of numbers, especially in number line theories, that led to the invention of the inventory system known as Color Codes that was considered for use in the military in 1977, and was afterward classified by the C.I.A., was propagated as a new math and then used to gain permission by researchers to use crystalline virus in producing mutations in other viruses.
   I believe that crystalline virus was used in experiments, legally, and in some cases illegally.  Virus mutations are valuable in research that leads to the development of new medicines that are used to treat resistant strains of viruses. The two Corona viruses would be a good example of the one virus mutating and becoming resistant to treatment and thus creating the necessity to produce other, more effective medicines to help control the mutated version of the virus. Or in this case mutated versions. (Two separate strains.)
   If you are a research scientist and you were wandering what the propagated (fake) new math was used for in the experiments, it was used to predict outcomes in experiments. The permission to do such research would not be given without the claim that outcomes in the experiments were known before experiments were conducted. In the case of using math values placed on predicted outcomes the outcomes could not be known if the math used was not real.

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