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Here’s a picture of my newest artwork called Big Green Number One.  Go to FineArtAmerica type in Don Robbins in search. To buy or shop. I have a selection of art covers to choose items to purchase from.

If you don’t like my stuff, there are thousands of other artists products to view. Services for framing available.

“Big Green Number One” Items for sale. Artwork available on Paper, Wood, Metal, Canvas. Don Robbins (fineartamerica)


This is what the page looks like at the FineArtAmerica site. You can get 3-D views Close ups. Write a message in the gift cards. The list of available items are on the side. Just click on any of the images.

There is also a Orange Number One, Red Number One, Purple Number One. More to be available soon! Orange is the most popular this week. I put a picture here of the Green Hearts For Leaves work. It is the most popular this week. I have a total of near 2000 views at FineArtAmerica to date. The most views I’ve ever received online for artworks is 55,000.  I hope to top that record at Fineartamerica. Here’s the link to the fineartamerica store: fineartamerica shop now!fineartamerica shop now!


Some of the recent artworks from Don Robbins at fineartamerica store. nugf

These are a few works from other artists at fineartamerica. nuar

“Other matters” : The reason I’m asking for donations is because I dropped my laptop from the seat of my scooter at the store and it has been giving me trouble since. I had to purchase a new one but I didn’t have the money. I live on a fixed income. I live alone. I borrowed the money to buy the new laptop. Now, I’m at my credit limit. If I have to go back to the doctor for anything I will be in financial difficulty. I have no other income. I haven’t made any money yet from my online store or selling artworks online. On my life I have produced many works that were taken from me and used by people to generate money for themselves. People I know took things from me as a child. Valuable things. None of those things has ever been replaced. O never received anything from those people, even when I lived on the streets. I have never been compensated for works taken from me by the government and used by industries to generate money for their companies. I lost everything because of government abuse and corruption. If your one of those people living comfortably or wealthy on my work this is a chance for you to give back. Please do. Give anonymously. If you want to.


A note on Corona viruses:

My guess on what was creating the virus mutations in Corona viruses  was microwaves. The guys at WordPress sent me an email on microblogging… I think it was funny.  But seriously, I do believe that microwaves can be the cause of mutations.

Another more alarming possible cause could be biological china syndrome, as discovered by professor Green about twenty years ago. Biological breakdown in living organisms can also cause mutations. Radiation can cause mutations.  But the most nightmarish scenario would be molecular breakdown caused by biological china syndrome. That would be a systematic change in living things across the board with various results.